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Real Estate Law at Thomson Mahoney Delorey LLP

The way real estate transactions are completed has changed dramatically over the last 35 years (see below).  At Thomson Mahoney Delorey LLP (TMD), we have taken a different approach with respect to how our firm delivers real estate services to our clients. We have set up different departments in order to properly and efficiently process real estate transactions.

Our Real Estate Law Team

Manager of Real Estate Services

Stewart Thomson, with 40 years of experience, is our Manager of Real Estate Services.  Stew has brought in a number of skilled and talented lawyers to provide real estate services on a team based approach, but continues to oversee all transactions on a daily basis.

Associate Lawyers Team Members

Tai Emovon, Meghan Lemon, Sean Brennan and Georgia Kortas, with 6 - 13 years of experience.  The lawyers are paired up so if one is unavailable due to sickness or vacation, then another lawyer will help oversee that file.

Senior Legal Assistants

We have 4 primary senior legal assistants that have an average of 15 years of experience each and have been with TMD for many years.  The assistants also are paired up so if one is not available, then another will be to help on that file.


Our Process

Intake Department


TMD is set up so that when a new transaction comes in, it is evaluated as to its priority and complexity.  It is then assigned to one of the real estate lawyers and one of the senior legal assistants.  The lawyer and the assistant will have primary carriage of the transaction until it is completed. 

Reporting Department


Once the transaction has been completed, the file will then be managed by our reporting team (2 assistants with an average of 30 years experience) who will prepare and send out the final correspondence, closing documents and detailed accounting.

Post Closing Department


TMD has also developed a department that works with the senior assistants to help clients with issues that might arise after closing. 

Mortgage Discharge Department


TMD has a team of 2 assistants that deal with ensuring that mortgages on purchases, sales and mortgage refinances have been properly discharged from the title.  In addition they are responsible for closing out and scanning files.

Changes Over the Last 35 Years

  • Conversion of titles from the Registry System to the Land Titles System

  • Introduction of title insurance

  • Completion of documents and all real estate transactions through Teraview’s Electronic Registration System as authorized by the Law Society of Ontario

  • The use of electronic signing of documents

  • The ability to have funds transferred electronically.

While the changes in how real estate transactions close in Ontario have been mostly positive, it has resulted in some unrealistic expectations about how quickly real estate transactions, such as purchases, sales and mortgage refinances can be completed.  Time sensitivity has become critical and while meeting some of those expectations is not always, at TMD we have developed a structure within our firm that enhances our ability to better service to clients and complete transactions as promptly as possible.

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